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Two people - one passion - one dream: the result is WoodSurf Surfcamps & Surfcoaching. We, Seppi and Sylvie, met during our great passion, surfing. While Seppi and his dog buddy Tonic were already indulging in the surf lifestyle all year round on Fuerte, Sylvie's activities were limited to seasonal work in Greece and winter holidays. We both had the big dream of living in the south and running our own surf business. Seppi worked as a surf and windsurf instructor on Fuerte, Sylvie as Online Marketing Manager in Vienna.

And then it happened: Our paths crossed while surfing on the Canary Island. The rest is history, the future will now be written together. When you can dream it, you can do it! That is our philosophy and our goal is to give you the surfing holiday of a lifetime. With lots of fun, joy, perfect coaching and tons of positive vibes! 

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Seppi in der Welle
Sylvie beim Windsurfen
Seppi beim Freestyle, Skopu
Surfer am Weg ins Wasser
Hund Tonic beim Beach-Control-Walk


Exclusive surf training on the beach & in the water

Surfer in der Barrel


Individual, with high fun factor

Seppi has a degree in sports education and has worked as a surf and windsurf instructor on Fuerte for the last 4 years. Thus he has turned his passion into his profession! The love for surfing is also reflected in his excellent surf coaching. He takes his time and analyses every move you make on the water very carefully. With tips and tricks he makes sure that you feel comfortable on the board and get closer to your surfing goal. On top, your surfing sessions on the beach are filmed. His background as a sports scientist helps him to detect motion sequences and various problems immediately. He is also a Nordic joyful person and always has a smile on his face. With his happy vibes he ensures that all surfers have great fun in the water. And only if you' re enjoying what you do, you do it well!


Finding the perfect wave

A very important part of surfing is choosing the right spot. The best surf training is crowned with little success if the conditions of the surf spot are not right. That is why we check the surfing conditions at the individual spots before every surf course. We will take you to the surf beach that promises the most success on that day. Fortunately Fuerteventura has a wide range of great wave spots. So you can be sure that we will not give surf training in conditions that you don't like. Before you go out on the water, our surf coach will explain the characteristics of the surf spot to you. This includes things like where is the best entry point or what you have to pay special attention to on this beach. After that you're ready to go!

Drei Surfer am Strand
Vier Surfer sitzen am Strand und schauen aufs Meer


Coaching & feedback on the beach

Naturally you spend most of your time in the water, chasing waves. However, surf coaching on the beach is also essential. Basics like take off and stance on the board can be better explained on solid ground. You should also know the rules of surfing in the water. We all want to have a good time in the lineup. Without paying attention to the surf rules, though, it is often not a harmonious interaction. Respect for nature and for other surfers is therefore very important to us. After the surf coaching you will also get personal feedback on the beach from the surf coach. So you always know exactly what is going well and what you could improve. You should also use the time to ask your surf instructor questions. He will be there for you and is happy to help you out!


Having a good time together

Surfing is not just a hobby or a passion. It is a lifestyle. In our surf camps you can enjoy this nature-loving, beautiful lifestyle together with us and other like-minded people. Because shared joy is twice as great. On the water you can push and motivate each other. Finish off your surfing day with an after-surf beer on the beach and share your experiences. Surfing is a social sport and the community makes it what it is. A great way of living. In any case, we are very happy to be there for you and we will always have an open ear for your concerns. Our mission is to give you a wonderful time in the water and on land which you won't forget so quickly and which gives you a lot of positive energy for your stressful everyday life at home.

Surfergruppe am Weg ins Wasser.


Tired of mass lessons & minimal learning success? Then this is the place to be!
Because personal and individual surf coaching is our top priority. Customized surf coaching with body and mind, so to say.


Big groups do not always mean great joy. Particularly in surf training this is often counterproductive. It is important that the surf instructor is responsive to you and can coach you properly. This is the only way for you to get the most out of the surf course. Therefore we limit our surf groups to a maximum of 6 surf students per surf coach. This way we can guarantee you individual surf training with a maximum of learning success and fun. Because only what you do with pleasure, you do well. Then the surfing success will come all by itself, you will see!


We can' t repeat it often enough: With us you are not just one of many. We take the time to respond to your individual (surfing) needs. This is how we make quick surfing success possible for you, through perfect surf coaching and loads of fun. But the best surf training is for the cat (or fish) if it takes place at the wrong spot and under the wrong conditions. We know the island like the back of our hand. So we always take you to the surf spot that promises the most ideal conditions and waves at the time. And Fuerte has many good surf spots, trust us!


We don't believe much in surf clichés and (way too) cool surfer dudes and surf babes. With us you can be as you are. Completely without any insta filter. We would like to have fun with you and offer you one successful surfing experience after another. We are united by our love for nature, the beach and the ocean. That is enough for us to know that you are a frigging cool person. We ourselves are easygoing and always there for you when you need us. No matter if on the water or while sipping on a cold after-surf beer on the beach. :)



Do you have questions about spots, surf camps, training, private surf coaching or just want to say "hi"? Feel free to contact us! :) We're excited about every message and we'll answer it as soon as possible.

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